©Ligne Directe,2010


Buenos Aires, Argentina


The play focuses on the stories of four filmmakers from Buenos Aires and the four movies they make during a year in that city. Brief, interspersed fragments tell the personal lives of the filmmakers, the circumstances in which they are, and at the same time the films they are making.

In some cases the lives of the filmmakers clearly influence their films whereas in others it is the realization of these films, the development of those fictions, what transform their private lives.

A small cast of five actors performs and narrates everything, playing a multitude of characters. Without the use of film or video only the actors themselves are in charge of bringing forth both their lives and films on stage. The play switches from the lives of the filmmakers to their films constantly.

The play questions the relationship between what we are and what we do. How our individuality is shaped around what we do.

Are there ephemeral films? Is it possible to build something that lasts in theater? How much of what we do defines what we are?

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