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Sergio Boris is actor, director and playwright.

As an Actor

He worked as a stage actor in the following plays: El pan de la locura (The Bread of Madness) directed by Luciano Suardi; An enemy of the people directed by Sergio Renán; El pecado que no se puede nombrar (The Sin that Cannot Speak its Name) and La pesca (The fishing), both directed by Ricardo Bartís.

As a movie actor he participated in Juan y Eva by Paula de Luque; El abrazo partido (Lost Embrace) by Daniel Burman; Diablo (Devil) by Nicanor Loretti; Lumpen by Luis Ziembrowski; Hermanos de sangre (Blood Brothers) by Daniel de la Vega; Mientras tanto (In the Meantime) by Diego Lerman; Todos tenemos un plan (Everyone has a Plan) by Ana Pitterbarg; Whisky Romeo Zulú by Enrique Piñeiro; Solo por hoy (Just for Today) by Ariel Rotter, among others.

On television, he played parts in El acto (The Act) by Bartís-Glusman and in 2 por una mentira (2 for one Lie), miniseries by Incaatv production house, co-created with Nicanor Loretti.

As a Director

His performance La Bohemia (The Bohemian) was represented at the Sportivo Teatral theater and at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación in 2001.
El sabor de la derrota (The Taste of Defeat) was represented at Teatro General San Martín and Espacio Callejón theater in 2004.
El perpetuo socorro (The perpetual help) at Puerta Roja theater in 2008. 

El cadáver de un recuerdo enterrado vivo (The corpse of a memory buried alive) was presented in 2010.

Viejo, sólo y puto (Old, alone and a faggot), was performed in the years 2011/2012.

Sergio Boris won several awards:

First Prize in Dramaturgy for La Bohemia, awarded by Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina’s National Arts Fund) in 1998.

First Prize in Dramaturgy for El sabor de la derrota, awarded by the III Buenos Aires’ International Theater Festival (FIBA).

Trinidad Guevara Award to the Best New Playwright for La Bohemia. 

Best direction, best spatialization (Gabriela Fernandez) and best actor (David Rubinstein) for Viejo, sólo y puto awarded by G.E.T.E.A.

The text of La Bohemia was performed in France by "Le Pantheatre" group, directed by Patrice Sow, translation of Francoise Thanas. And by various other Argentine groups such as “Lluvia de cenizas” from Mendoza Province.

Best Supporting Actor for El abrazo partido (Lost Embrace) at Tandil Film Festival. Tandil, Argentina.

First Award for Best Actor at New York Festival of Advertising 2007.

Sergio Boris' performances were presented in International Festivals:

El pecado que no se puede nombrar (The Sin that Cannot Speak its Name) was performed in Madrid, Cadiz, Montreal, Quebec, Porto Alegre, Berlin, Avignon, Paris, Brussels and Buenos Aires.

La Bohemia (The Bohemian) and El sabor de la derrota (The Taste of Defeat) was performed in Quito, Manta, Guayaquil, San Martín de los Andes, Londrina, Curitiba and Buenos Aires.
La pesca (The Fishing) was presented in Avignon, Halle, Torino, Berlin, Anvers, Girona and Buenos Aires.